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So, what are his hands?
I keep thinking of a faun
Guillermo del Toro’s monster of El Laberinto del Fauno
Mikhail Vrubel’s painting Pan
Gnarled fingers and knuckles like tree knots
Bark and fungus stitched into the skin

But that’s ridiculous
How would he be able to type if his fingers were encrusted with canker and mushrooms?
His fingers are long and flexible
Writing, tapping into the keyboard, holding the steering wheel as he drives us across seasons:

“I woke up in winter, packed up my things, drove all day, and when the sun was reaching orgasm in the west, summer was upon us.”

The image of his fingernails like the prickly seeds of pine cones makes no sense
I mean, I can see his fingers holding the camera in the mirror
Broad palm, sharp joints
Nothing ancient or arthritic about them.

So why do I keep thinking of monsters?
Especially that terrifying one with bloody hands and black fingertips
Red eyeball stuck in the center
That one scene of El Laberinto gave me nightmares
I couldn’t eat grapes for weeks
Here, watch. I even linked you.

(It’s even more ridiculous than faun hands, since how would he see the computer screen while typing?)
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