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I looked up your name online

Mazaher, from and wikipedia—

Mazaher is an ensemble.  Women play the leading role.

The musicians of Mazaher: Umm Sameh, Umm Hassan, Nour el Sabah are among the last remaining Zār (زار) practitioners in Egypt.

Zār is a healing ritual, one of the few ancient healing ceremonies performed by women for women.

It's meant to pacify spirits and harmonize the inner lives of the participants. A small circle of women gather to communicate with the unseen.

Zār is a space women can work out the tensions and frustrations of social constraints which limit their dress, their movements, their voices and

Even their dreams.

You chose the name. My understanding of you broadens. Tilts.

What can I say to you? Words feel insufficient.
The gift you’ve given me, a life shared and a fire burning
Two trees and an entire world opening
Stories of horses more real to me than people.

You are a contradiction, two poles pulling in opposite directions
I see the vitality and willpower in your words
But sometimes you seem to fold into yourself
Sometimes it seems you have so many regrets, past hurts
I want to take your two hands—they must be veined and strong hands—
And kiss them.

In order to sing there must be a song, a voice that brings the music to being
Even songs of wailing, there is feeling

I want to write a song for you.

More than that
I want to hear you sing.

--- “Dada Music Movement, tutta la musica che vuoi!” ---
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