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When I was four:

Father stood in front of mother
And begged her not to leave
He held onto her car keys
And begged her not to leave
He told me to get my sister
Out of my mother’s arms
My mother held the blanket
And refused to give her up
She told him she was leaving
I didn’t understand
Why she wanted my sister
And left me in father’s hands

You see
My sister was a baby
A newborn blank slate
While I already had imprints
Of both my parents’ fate
She must have decided
That if she will start over
Better cut her losses
Leave me with my father
Better cut her losses
And really start all over

I wanted to come with her
Wherever she was going
She told me no
She told him he owned me
So give her the damn keys

I don’t really blame her

I was four years old
It stuck

When a lion takes over a pride
He eats the cubs
Sired by the one who came before
DrB asked me if I were cub
My mother a lioness
Would she protect me?

I’m really not sure
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