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showgirls slot machines

blue nipples on the sidewalk
call girl trading cards
like baseball, collect ‘em all!
pitcher—tits like ostrich eggs
catcher—candy pink vag
shortstop—eyes wide as her ass
girls to your door in 20 minutes!
green thong between her teeth

flashing lights spinning wheels
1 BAR 777 3 BAR ◊◊◊ Bonus
push the button, push it, push it
no more quarters like hailstorms
in the form of neat receipts
printed with bar codes
for two dollars and eighty-three cents

do it everywhere in 20 minutes!
grocery story, gas station, the airport
the Strip

it’s the first city I’ve been
where darkness, cigar smoke, beer haze
are designed into the buildings
everything looks better, sexier, without the sun

dealers don’t look so old
waitresses don’t look so gaudy
you don’t feel so stupid riding a gondola in the middle of a desert on the second story of a building being serenaded by a man who plays up his Italian accent with a couple from Denver wearing their seatbelts sitting across from you kissing every time the plastic gondola run by a quiet motor passes under a bridge over a river of dyed blue water three feet deep on the second story of a building in the middle of a desert
the taxi driver doesn’t tell you about foreclosures, hotels bankrupt, hotels trying to build pools to attract more customers, boomtown with more than a million, whittled away, projects stopped, timeshares empty, everyone relies on tourism, the economy is bad, real bad, bleeding money bad, real bad, he’d move back to LA, he can’t sell his house, he’s stuck in this desert city, draining water from the Colorado River, palm trees perky, grass obscenely green

at Bellagio’s Fountains, they played Viva Las Vegas
Elvis crooning and water exploding into the sky like declaration

desert storm hit and the wind’s so rough
they cancel the fountains for the rest of the night
palm leaves ripping through the air
blue nippled bar codes fluttering

but really,
nothing tops this:
on the way to the airport, I saw

cactus condoms
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