anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

the eldest

I act like
My father’s wife
My mother’s husband
My father’s sister
My mother’s brother
My father’s brother
My mother’s sister
My father’s son
My mother’s daughter
My sister’s father
My sister’s mother

It gets hell confusing
Because I look like it too
People have asked
“Would you and your wife
Would you and your daughter
Like a picture together?”

I play
My mother’s therapist
My father’s counselor
My father’s confessor
My mother’s confidant
My sister’s best friend
My sister’s mentor
My family’s mediator

I am
My father’s fury
My mother’s hope
My father’s target
My mother’s expectation
My sister’s support
My sister’s annoyance
My family’s instigator

All of these some of these
All the time none of the time

I sit
At the left hand of my father
Diagonal to my mother
Across from my sister
Next to the door

I’ve learned
Self reliance is the only option
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