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Fic: Observations, Ch 31
Star Trek

“I think that’s a great idea, Mr. Spock! Why didn’t I think of it myself?” Engineer Scott smacked his forehead. “Now that you mention it, there are a couple o’parts that we’re always frying or messing up in one way or another. I’ve got a whole grocer’s list of things here I ought to request from Starfleet, not just dilithium crystals.”

The datapad revealed a list of no less than 151 items.

“Mr. Scott, you are well aware that there is limited space on the ship to store these materials.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just stick a bunch in my quarters. I used to fall asleep doing inventory back on Delta Vega, so it’ll be like a touch of home. And I’m sure some of the lads’ll volunteer some space.”

“Are you also aware that officers’ quarters are a great deal larger than crewmembers? It is one of the privileges of rank.”

“Of course I know that, Mr. Spock! What do yeh take me for? I know this ship like th’back of my own hand, thank you sir. Nope, if the boys have some room for moonshine, they have room for a reverse-flow catalyzer.”

The engineer got a mischievous look on his face.

“Do yeh think Starfleet’ll notice if I slip in a couple o’neat little extras? We’ve got some projects going around—“


“Oh, come on, Mr. Spock. There’s no harm done. I won’t be askin’ the lovely admirals ta give me some antimatter pods.”

“Absolutely out of the question, Mr. Scott.”

“Well, no harm in tryin’. I suppose I’ll just ask the captain about it,” the engineer put in slyly.

There was no doubt in my mind how to captain would answer.

“Great idea, Scotty, why didn’t I think of it before?”

“Actually, it was Mr. Spock who thought of it originally, then I figured we might as well load up on all the little bits and pieces we needed.”

“Hold on, do we really need fourteen extra phaser cartridges?”

“No sir,” Mr. Scott answered unabashedly. “But it would come in very handy with some of our projects.”

The captain raised his eyebrows. Mr. Scott quickly began explaining himself, assuring the captain along the lines of

“None of these projects are goin’ to endanger the crew or this Silver Lady, you have my promise on that, Jim.”

I suspect it was Mr. Scott addressing the captain as “Jim” that did it. Suddenly, the discussion was not between captain and lieutenant commander, but between friends. Somehow that made things much more reasonable in the captain’s eyes.

“Captain, I would like it to be recorded that I am opposed to this course of action. Taking advantage of Starfleet’s resources, especially at a time when those resources are spread thin and sorely needed, is unethical.”

The captain wavered. Both Mr. Scott and I saw this. Mr. Scott, however, has always been a fast thinker.

“That’s true, captain, but it’s also our duty ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before.’ That includes various stunts of engineer, not just exploring these stars and planets here. Besides, we’ve discovered quite a few handy little things that’ve already improved her performance.”

Serving on the Enterprise, I have learned to ‘spot a lost battle.’ This was one such lost battle.

“Alright, Scotty. Just put whatever you need in the inventory requests and I’ll approve it. We’ll pick up the stuff on Starbase 5.”

“That’s more like it! Say captain, would yeh care for a bit of scotch? I’ve got a fine bottle I’ve been saving for something like this—“

The captain laughed. “Not now. How about after you’ve sorted through and unpacked everything. Me and Bones’ll join you in your quarters, if there’s any room.”

“We could always use the rec room—“

“No. There’s no way you’re turning the rec room into a new storage area. I’d have a mutiny on my hands, and half the crew’d want your head stuck on a pole or something.”

The chief engineer chuckled at that.

“Keep me posted on those projects. And don’t have too much fun.”

“Aye, sir,” he replied, entering the turbolift.

“And don’t destroy my ship.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, captain.”

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wait. so, they just left all those other people back on that planet with those taxidermists? man... that seems so, wrong.
other than that I am really loving your fic btw!

Yes, what happens with other possible survivors and the bad guys???

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