anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

Haus of Gaga

a free bitch is free
celibate celebrity
the Gaga Lady

inject me baby
spectacle monstrosity
glamorous crazy

art in vanity
fashion incendiary
just dance set me free

love paparazzi
your every atrocity
redefines ugly

lured by sick beauty
see poker faced Stefani
conquer twenty-three

your game so lovely
crotch grabbing beat slick sexy
hot androgyny

no apology
vocal generosity
live the show baby

want love revenge free
you’re a criminal Mary
fuck virginity

pop icon banshee
bad romance insanity
walk walk passion me

avant garde edgy
misfits beatniks ardently
follow their Lady

watched speechless as she
sang Elton John ash Grammys
shock bombed MTV

I love you baby
your disease brilliant madly
nightmare dream dizzy

a free bitch baby
uncompromised celebrity
you, Gaga Lady

Tags: writing

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