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The following is a list of original pieces I have written.

Timestamps, other than this master post, are real.


茶道 [|] 가레산스이 [|] Digest , half starved  [|] corrections + addendum [|] Haus of Gaga [|] the eldest [|] Icon [|] Vegas [|] Lioness [|] harvest moon orange [|] jupiterhand , danahid , mazaher , darstellen [|] moment [|] Horse dancing [|] soul shit , with this poll , Casting stones [|] squirrels [|] rain [|] Revolution [|] I am no longer the black sheep of the family [|] Burning a Qur'an [|] Business | Personal  [|] Голос стоит писания [|] Four score and seven  [|] proliferation + pt 2


0- 10- 20- 30- 40-  50- 60- 70- 80- 90- 100

Jupiter's Hand series
i , ii , iii , iv , v , vi , vii , viii

It begins quietly , I meant to write a different ending  , Centering , (( please )) , 14 Jan 2011 , what I wrote while I was sitting across from you in the cafe , I miss you , To You , to let ,

The Gospel According to Alejandro, in two parts.
Chapters I - III, Chapters IV - VI

Second Grade Monsters series
Foreword , What would this monster build his snowman from? , If a bony hand was reaching for me and... , If I found a skeleton in my closet I would... , If I went to Dr. Jekyll's house I would find... , Where Dracula sleeps... , What werewolves like to eat... , A monster I created would look like... , A giant tentacle came out of the water and... , If I met Godzilla I would... , The Bride of Frankenstein invited me to supper and... , If a monster sat at our dinner table I would... , Funky and Ronia , My favorite monster book is...



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