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Fanfic Master List
Star Trek
The following is a list of fanfictions I have written.

Disclaimer: I have not profited monetarily from this venture, nor do I claim original ownership of the characters and setting.


The Dedication
(ST:XI) K/S, Written for the 2009 Advent Calendar. A Chanukah piece.

Gift of the Magi
(ST:XI, Mirror) K/S, "There’s a haunted, hunted quality in those eyes. Deep grief and loneliness, that feels like his and someone else’s. Someone that was important to him."

Loose Lips Sink Ships
(ST:XI) Rand, "The Captain and Commander don't know this (she suspects they'd freak out if they did), but Yeoman Rand knows more about their sex life than any other person on the Enterprise."

(ST:XI) Ayel, "growing up in a mining family is nothing."

That Which Survives
(ST:XI) Kirk, Sitting in a corner / Closed eyes [ a cockroach / a boy ]

Rock That Body
(ST:XI) K/S, Inspired by this by juneinblue , a hip hop dance piece.

Stochastic Sex
(ST:XI) K/S, Su/C, Kirk, on Spock: "Mathematicians do it in theory." Spock, in response to Kirk: "Mathematicians prove they did it."  Insults and humor, delivered only as mathematicians and physicists can.


A Good Man
(ST:XI) McCoy, "There are only three events that Leonard would say changed his life."
Note: Piece on hold indefinitely

(ST:XI) Spock, First Officer Spock comments on life aboard the Enterprise and his service under Captain James T. Kirk.

Star Trek: The Odyssey
(STID) Crew, "Tell me, Muse, of the ship of many ways, which was driven to far journeys."

(ST:XI, AU) Kirk, Spock, T'Pring, An adaptation of Verdi's opera Aida to K/S.

Two Summers
(ST:XI) Kirk, "Jim wakes up, sob tearing through him like a chainsaw slicing into the bark xylem heartwood."
Warning: Emotionally intense, main character death, work in progress.

(Sherlock BBC) Lestrade, Sherlock, Watson has the advantage of seeing Sherlock at the height of his powers, but Lestrade—he knows with the certainty of an eyewitness that Sherlock Holmes has been wrong.


(ST:XI) K/S, Pen/marker on paper.

(?) Kirk : Whitman :: Spock : Auden.  This arrangement of Whitman's and Auden's poetry is meant to be a tribute to both poets.

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