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Fic: Observations, Ch 22
Star Trek

“Nyota—I mean—Lt. Uhura tells me you play chess.”

I turned in my chair to face him.

“That is correct, captain. I am recognized by the Interplanetary Chess Association as a grandmaster.”

The captain whistled. “Shit, that’s good.”

“You are familiar with the ranking system, captain? I was not aware that you played.”

“I play a little. Me and my brother George played a bunch of 2-D chess when we were teenagers.”

I looked at him skeptically. The captain shrugged.

“There’s not that much to do out in the middle of cornfields in Iowa. Some of the farmers out there play a mean game.”

“Then you are not familiar with 3-D chess?”

“I played some at the Academy. Actually,” he smiled, “I did some chess boxing for a while.”

“Chess boxing, sir?” I asked, unable to keep incredulity out of my voice. Taken literally, the concept of such a sport was ludicrous. I could see why it appealed to the captain.

“Yeah, five three minute rounds of boxing and six rounds of chess, I think. The six rounds make up a twelve minute game of speed chess, but there’re some different versions. I think that’s the standard—that’s what I played anyway. You win by knockout, checkmate, or if the other guy runs out of time making his moves.”

“An intriguing concept.”

The captain grinned, as if he knew that I mean “ridiculous” rather the “intriguing.”

“I won a couple games. I’m not a bad boxer—did Uhura ever tell you about that time?”

I nodded. Nyota immediately regaled me the story of James T. Kirk fighting four other Starfleet cadets when she returned to San Francisco. The captain blushed, then shrugged.

“Most of the rounds I won the chess game, not the boxing. Actually, I got knocked out a bunch of times,” he unconsciously rubbed his jaw. Then, anticipating my question, he answered “we used 2-D chess. I did one match with the 3-D set and that was fucking impossible. It was just too complicated to do 3-D and go box. Head’s too fuzzy.”

“Was this sport practiced primarily among humans?”

“No, not really. I mean, I didn’t see any Vulcans, they would’ve knocked everyone out and checkmated them in like, four moves. Without breaking a sweat. But there were plenty of aliens that played.” The captain winked. “C’mon, just ask me already. I know you want to.”

He was correct. Despite the fact that I still found the idea of combining chess with the violent human sport of boxing to be peculiar, there is a distinct lack of proficient chess players aboard the Enterprise. One can only play against the computer so many times. Furthermore, the captain obviously developed an ability to assess the board, strategize, and execute his plan under severe time pressures. My own strength does not lie in blitz chess, but long games. It would be an interesting match.

“Very well. Captain, would you be interested in game of chess?”

“Why Spock, I thought you’d never ask,” he grinned.

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OF COURSE Jim would be a chess boxer! :DDD

...I'm really enjoying this so far. I think I'm going to read it all in one go... :-o

i love the "ridiculous" implied in the "intriguing" and i'm happy to see their relationship finally starting to take slightly bigger steps.


Al fin van a jugar!!!! pero Jim es mejor de lo que dice!!

*okay, I'm just not gonna bother relurking for a bit* “ridiculous” rather THAN “intriguing.” and I was under the impression that nu!Kirk's brother was called Sam rather than George because Winona couldn't handle her son having her husband's name, so George Samuel Kirk became Sam Kirk. Could just be fanon, but it seems likely.

... Please tell me that's not a real game.

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