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Fic: Observations, Ch 133
Star Trek

“Kirk to Sickbay.”

“McCoy here.  What’s up, Jim?”

“Get Chapel up here.  I think she might want to see this.”

“Want to tell me what this is about?”

“We’re approaching Exo 3.  Uhura’s picked up some signals.  It’s nothing to get our hopes up, but it’s more than just nothing.”

“I’ll send her up immediately.”

“Thanks.  Kirk out.”


Christine entered the bridge, lips pressed in a thin line, grey eyes sparkling with an unnamed emotion.  She gave a look to Nyota.

“The files say you gave up a career in bio-research to sign aboard a starship.”

“Is he alive down there, captain?”

Jim put down the datapad.

“It’s been five years since his last message.”

“Dr. McCoy said—”

“We found a trace of a signal.  Lt. Uhura’s still listening for more, if there is anything,” he looked at the nurse steadily.  “Five years is a long time.”

“Roger was a very determined man.  I always thought—even after they called the search off—that he’d find a way to live.”

“Captain, I’m going to send out a spread of signals on every frequency.”

“Understood, lieutenant.  Put it on bridge audio if you get anything.”

“Aye sir.”


“Ship’s record banks show little we don’t already know about this planet, captain.  Gravity one point one of Terra, atmosphere within the limits of safety.  The average surface temperature is, as expected, approximately 98.5 degrees Centigrade below zero.”

“Have your scientists confirmed the location of the impact crater?”

“Affirmative.  Speaking in terms of geologic time, the planet was recently hit by an extraterrestrial body that caused mass extinction, upheavals in the environment, and now this extended Ice Age.  There is a team of scientists standing by in the transporter room to collect measurements and data on the planet and the crater.”

“Anything else?”

“Previous reports indicate that there was once a thriving civilization on this planet.  There are conflicting theories as to their whereabouts.  The technology found on some archeological digs shows that while the aliens did not yet have space faring capabilities, they had sufficient technology to be aware of the object’s approach and collision course.”

“Would they have had enough time to evacuate?  Where would they evacuate to?”

“Those questions remain unanswered.  Dr. Korby was among the number who believed the aliens somehow survived.  He received a grant to launch an exploratory mission.  The team sent two reports before their signal was lost.”

“Dr. Korby.  I think I read something on him back at Starfleet.”

“His text on translating Orion medical records was required reading in my class, captain.”

Jim and Christine shared a look.  He grinned.  “Right.  I knew that.”

“That discovery also revolutionized our immunization techniques.”

“I’ve tried all frequencies sir.  No return signal.”

Christine straightened.

“Keep trying.”


“Nurse Chapel.”

“His last signal told of finding underground caverns.  It is possible that he survived there.”

“I don’t want to get your hopes up if we don’t find anything.”

“If the civilization was as advanced as Mr. Spock reports them to be, isn’t there a chance that they did build some underground facilities to try and survive the storm?”

Jim looked at Christine, his eyes intense.

“A lot of things are possible.”

“Captain, I’ve got something.”

“Put it up.”

Enterprise, come in Enterprise.  This is Roger Korby.  Repeating, this is Dr. Roger Korby.  Do you read me Enterprise?  This is Dr. Roger Korby standing by.”


“We found an underground complex, designed to sustain a small population and withstand both the atmospheric chaos raining down and the tectonic forces roiling below.  Evidence suggests that the aliens were able to continue surviving down here for quite some time, but it seems that another event happened that wiped those surviving generations out.  We think they might have waged an internal war.”

“Could you give us your exact coordinates?  We’ve got the general region, but those caverns are so far underground that it might mess with the accuracy of our transporter.  We’ll beam you up, get you medical attention—”

“I’ve a rather unusual request, Captain Kirk.  Beam down alone, just yourself.  We’ve made discoveries of such a nature that they may require an extraordinary decision from you.”

Jim and I looked at each other.

“I’m sorry, doctor, but that goes against protocol.  If I beam down, I will be beaming down with security personnel and additional staff from the science department.  But you can be assured that my crew will exercise their discretion to the fullest measure.”

“Captain, I personally ask this of you.  I would not request it under lesser circumstances.”

“Let me discuss this with my team, doctor.  Uhura, put him on hold.”

“Aye, sir.”

Jim looked at me.

“Lt. Uhura, do we have positive voice identification on the individual who claims to be Dr. Roger Korby.”

“A perfect match, captain.  The signature of the transmission also correlates with records of his last two messages.  I’ve run a Kirayashu analysis and the error is steady at four percent, which is as good a match as we can get.”

“Captain, that does not eliminate the possibility of an imposter.  Given the species and technology that we have encountered on other worlds, these effects could easily be replicated.  There is a very high probability that this is a trap.”

“I know.  We’ve got a couple other tests we can use.”

“The science department is already taking high resolution photographs of the region and probing with infrared scans—”

“That’s not what I meant.  Nurse Chapel, I’d like you to say hello.  Don’t say your name, just a simple hello.  I want to see how he reacts.  Uhura, ready?”

“When you are, captain.”

“Dr. Korby, this is Captain Kirk of the Enterprise speaking.”

“Have you come to a decision, captain?  It is of paramount importance that you come alone.  What we found here is extraordinarily sensitive, with the potential to revolutionize our entire world.”

Jim nodded at Christine.  Her eyes glittered.

“Hello, Roger.”

For a moment, there was silence.  Nyota was listening closely, Christine held her breath, Jim’s eyes narrowed.

“Christine?  Christine, is that you?”

Jim made a sharp motion to Christine.  He looked at Nyota, who gave a nod of confirmation.  The nurse waited for her captain to give her the go ahead.

“You’re sure,” he said in undertone.

“I think—I can’t be completely—but that is—it sounds like—”

He nodded.  Nurse Chapel exhaled.

“Roger?  Can it really be you?  Are you truly alive after all these years?”

“Christine my darling, how are you on this ship?  I had no idea, no hope—darling, are you all right?”

She laughed.  “Yes, Roger, I’m fine.”

Jim looked at her.

“Roger, won’t you let us beam you up?  After five years in caverns, with only the barest of provisions—are you hurt anywhere?  Whatever you’ve discovered, surely it can wait another few hours.  Please come up, Roger.  I—” Christine looked around the bridge, then said softly, “I’ve missed you, for so long.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible darling.  I’m in absolutely perfect health, and I’ve never felt better.  You do not need to worry for me, Christine.  The only injury I’ve suffered is the damage to my heart from wanting to see you.  Captain Kirk?”

“Kirk here, doctor.”

“I would be willing to negotiate some more personnel on your team—only security staff, no scientists—if I have your guarantee that these men and women will not leak any information.  Forgive my precautions, but you must believe the truly extraordinary circumstances.”

Jim turned to me.

“If this is Dr. Korby, then I trust his judgment as to the nature of his discoveries.  He was not a man prone to hyperbole.”

“That’s still a big ‘if.’”

I nodded.

“I’ll accept your terms.  Nurse Chapel will accompany me down—that’s non-negotiable.  As for my crew, we’ve dealt with classified missions before.  They understand the kind of conduct that’s expected of them.”

“Excellent, captain.  My assistant will provide you with the precise coordinates.”

“Thanks.  We’ll be beaming down in forty minutes.  Kirk out.”

He turned his attention back to Christine.

“Nurse, take whatever you need to treat those survivors.  If he has an assistant, then maybe the whole expedition wasn’t lost.  Meet me in the transporter room.”

“Aye, sir.”

As she went to the turbolift, Nyota went to her, smile wide and eyes shining.  They embraced, Nyota squeezed the nurse’s hand, then went back to their duties.  Christine hurried to Sickbay and Nyota returned to her station.

“Giotto, I need four guys down at the transporter room.”

“Security situation, sir?”

“Yeah.  Outfit them with phasers, optics, cold gear, whatever you think’s appropriate for underground caves.  We don’t have that much info, except that it’s probably dark, cold, and deep.  Maybe some guys who have experience with spelunking.”

“Understood, sir.  Do you need any specific equipment, sir?”

“Just a phaser should be good.”

“The team will be ready in half an hour.”

“Great.  Kirk out.”

“Captain, I do not think it advisable for you to beam down with so few personnel.”

“It’s a better bargain than what we had before.  Have your scientists beamed down yet?”

“Affirmative.  They beamed down during your transmission with Dr. Korby.  Readings are already streaming in.”

“Good.  I’m gonna head down to Security.  You’ve got the conn.  If anything happens, or if there are any developments, let me know.”

“Of course, captain.”

“Have any idea what the new technology might be?”

“It may be another discovery of a medical nature, given that Dr. Korby is distinctly unconcerned with his health.”

“Yeah, I thought that was weird too.”


Jim and I are in the turbolift, on our way to the transporter room, standing side by side.

Before the lift doors open and we walk out to our next mission, we look at each other.  Jim’s eyes are intense.  I am tempted to kiss him before he leaves, but I restrain the impulse.  Instead, I carefully touch my fingers to the back of his hand.  He smiles, his face open.

The moment passes.  The doors rush open and we walk out to our next mission.


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Oooh. Loved this, the tension and pace conveyed mostly through dialogue. I am always impressed by how you've nailed each character's voice, so your dialogue doesn't need to rely on identifying crutches...

I loved most of all how in a chapter of "business," there is such a lovely moment of personal connection at the end. This:

Jim and I are in the turbolift, on our way to the transporter room, standing side by side.

Before the lift doors open and we walk out to our next mission, we look at each other. Jim’s eyes are intense. I am tempted to kiss him before he leaves, but I restrain the impulse. Instead, I carefully touch my fingers to the back of his hand. He smiles, his face open.

The moment passes. The doors rush open and we walk out to our next mission.

is beautiful.

I remember this episode! My borther and I were rewatching it just a couple of weeks ago! Can't wait to see where you've gone with it, ne. (^_^)

Oh, is there a possibility of the phallic rock making a cameo? Haha I always laught at that part

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