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Fic: Observations, Ch 83
Star Trek

I looked at myself in the mirror.

“They are only temporary. It will correct your vision while your eyes continue to heal.”

“You are certain that these are necessary?” I regarded the object before me dubiously.

“Yessir. Like I said, it is a temporary solution. I believe that in a few days, your eyes will be completely healed and you will have no need for them at all.”

“Thank you, M’Benga.”

“You are most certainly welcome, Spock. Come to me if you have any difficulties. We will also have to adjust the lenses daily, as your eyes will need them less and less.”

“Of course.”

“Well, Spock. You are clear for duty,” he smiled and signed the datapad.

I went back to my quarters. I regarded my reflection, turning my head from left to right.

It is what it is.

I attended to my hygenic needs, dressed, and went to report for duty.

There was no one in the turbolift as I entered. Everyone on the bridge was preoccupied at their stations as I exited and the lift doors closed behind me. I relieved the officer on duty at the science station and sat in my chair. Jim was attending some matter with a yeoman. I focused my own concentration to the tasks at hand.

“Hey Spock. Back on duty?” Jim came to my side.

I turned and looked at him.


Jim blinked. “Woah, this is new. Glasses?”

“They are temporary.”

“I like ‘em,” he winked.

I raised an eyebrow.

“You look sexy.”

Seeing my reaction, Jim laughed. He clapped his hand to my shoulder, shook it, and then went back to his captain’s chair, still laughing.

I looked at my reflection in the screen, turning my head from left to right.

I looked back at Jim. He caught my gaze and smirked.

I returned my attention to my duties.

For a flicker of a moment, my reflection smiled.

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hehehe I love what you are doing with these two! :D

And you just put my to main fetishes together: Spock and Glasses *drools*

Spock with glasses! IS THIS REAL LIFE? Perfect.

You immediately have me thinking "Zachary Quinto!" and "SYLAR!!!" and drooling at the hotness of it all.

I am smiling like a mad woman right now! LOL

Damn. This is just adorable.

I think this chapter is adorable. Spock's tiny insecurity and the way Jim helps without even realizing it :)

Oh, dear... I double fist pumped IRL.

*headdesk* Really, Jim? You are not allowed to be clueless with all the flirting you're doing!

I know I have a habit of quoting the bits of text I like in your chapters, but if I did that now, I'd just be quoting the entire chapter. GUAH! Spock with glasses, Kirk being all flirty about it, and Spock flashing a tiny smile. It's such a short little scene, but it conveys so much! Have I mentioned before that you are brilliant?

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