June 9th, 2013

Star Trek


As some of you may have noticed, I lied.  But I didn't mean to lie.

Because I did manage to see Star Trek Into Darkness in a theatre at night with no one else around.  Apparently I am not done with this fandom (or it's not done with me, whatever) and now I am writing things.  I just don't post them here or put up notification in any communities.

If you're curious, I have an AO3 account (yes, I am the wanker who took the username "Anon"-- it has always been a secret dream of mine and now I have it) where I post stuff.  I also post on ff.net.  They are mostly angsty, grief filled little things which make it clear to me I am not done with Two Summers either (or again, it is not done with me, can't tell).  A lot of myth-related things.  I don't question it.

Too many parentheses.

In other news there is a wine glass with an azalea flower and a sprig of rosemary in clear water.  There are silver bubbles on the rosemary leaves.  The pink petals tint the water rose.