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Fic: The Odyssey, xliv. perestroika


“I know you desire to ask me how I find
myself as voDelH when SeplH’ne was killed
and purges often swept our world to take
anyone with associations to
anyone imprisoned, heretical, exiled.
She told you of our children, my conscription
my disappearance from the records of our war.
She took huge risk in her self-mandated commission
in speaking, spreading wide the word of your
offer and the possibilities in store.
Our son was tortured, he jumped out of window down
his back was broken, he cannot walk but he
retains his mind, his brilliance and he works
to restore the honor of tlhIngans with disability
Our daughter was sent to Qolyma’s prison camp
for five years, two years ago she was restored to me
she lost two fingers, was blinded in one eye
today she studies to become our emissary
she remembered most Nyota Uhura’s song
and now desires to speak all manner of tongue.
I rule because, though politics abound
Qo’Nos has suffered much and we must unfreeze
the Thaw will come and with it come reforms
the question is, which reformations meet
the needs of tlhIngan, when honor’s sword is rust
our laws and justice have lost all their meaning
our people yearn for greatness and to thrive
but how to build a path that will succeed?
I rule because my wife was prominent
in representing another path for us
I rule because my reputation is
solidified in twenty years of war service
Ten years I spent on ships within our fleet
based on Qo’NoS, living with SeplH’ne
was there when Nero destroyed our every warbird
seven years I spent imprisoned, forced to fight
to crush rebellions in our colonies
returned three years too late to find my love
had died, my children scattered like debris.
mNoS died two years ago by stroke
since then things have been slowly wakening
my power was not secure right then so I
waited before risking contacting
to speak to you who cost my love her life
for cause she’d long gave up on to hope
to speak to you who brought lemons and seeds--
do you know how widely spans the scope
of your interference of ten long nights, short days
imparted to us five years ago?
I will not deceive, our planet is in chaos
but I have ideas, very simple but not easy
I wish to turn our industry from war
and cultivate more manufacturing
I won’t set up a personality cult
I’ll try to dismantle some mNoS’ sayings
that he was seven parts right and three parts wrong
so banish him as relic of past things
I’ll realign our idea of good and bad
away from lines of warrior class to accept all
as making necessary contribution to
society, not matter background, mother, Hol
we’ve already begun to take down the labor camps
and deal publicly with legacy of that
silence will poison, but speech is too early
for those gripped in grief, two summers need combat
so that is why I asked you here today.
Some tlhIngans say, I am doing too much
destroying structure that they think necessary
we were so long supported by his rule
that some tlhIngans find a strange security
in mNoS absolute totalitarian arbitrary tyranny.
I do believe the future will be hard
that after Thaw comes anger, rebelling
distrust in anything I say or try to do
long bread lines, no food in this shock therapy
You’ll offer help, because that is what you do
but this is deeper than economy
you cannot help us reconcile, we must
do it ourselves, though you might long to free
us from more long years of hardship.
If you will help, instead of aid, I ask for joint venturing.
To build a space station in Neutral Zone
of our joint efforts, staffed by tlhIngan and StarFleet
with aim to foster an alliance
and share our scientific discoveries
Let this be broadcast on our worlds as hope
and offer glimpse of our capability
and offer alternative pathways for
tlhIngan youth who wallow in stagnated unease
many will still choose to serve Qo’NoS
but some may choose to work within your Fleet
after angered grief, you must find fuel to live
let this dream fuel their future reveries.
Nyota Uhura, we ask for you to be
HoD tengchaH, in all manners oversee
you who always have the courage to speak first
who calls on Qun and can speak rhymes unrehearsed
who understands our ways: we would to you be
deeply honored, if you would to this agree.”
Nyota stepped forward.
“You know as well as I this will take time
to negotiate between tlhIngan and Starfleet
I have my own obligations to
my captain, ship, and comrades, but I admit
I want to take your offer, so let us say
I vow to keep my promises today:
I promise to give of my very best
to communicate between our worlds’ interests
I promise to fulfill my duties to
IDIC, keeping, peace, fostering new
bridges between two different ways of being
I promise to respect, even in disagreeing
I promise that, if this all comes to pass
I’ll do my best to make our friendship last.
This I you vow, on honor of Nkishi
whose spirits now alights the five lemon trees.”

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