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Fic: The Odyssey, xliii. kalypso


The years they passed
on the five year space mission
which turned out to be seven
due to time traveling
The Enterprise she
discovered new systems
mapped out new phenomena
mysteries unraveling
the crew worked hard
they played hard
they mourned and they grieved
for lost crew, for those who
in space were buried
By all counts the mission
was a stellar success
through the years
they grew closer
to the point they expressed
each other’s sentences
anticipated plans
could foresee the stresses
and provide support then
but this is not the reason
they are well known to us
the fame of the Enterprise
comes from tlhIngan heart-trust.
Seven years after risking
their trip to the dead
seven years after sharing
the stories unsaid
seven years after Cirqce
planted seed of a plan
seven years after SeplH’ne
was executed
the ship was contacted
by Kalyqo, who led
the new tlhIngan wo’
for mNoS was dead.
They went
with great caution
with hope
and with gifts
with a thousand new stories
on the tip of their lips
they went
with experience
hard won
to manage all situations
be it trap
or true openness
The crew Kalyqo met
were the same as the stories
and yet totally different
somehow more than the stories
their grief had defined them
made them listen, understand
that no matter how life spins
we all die in the end
but the years gave them extra
time passed to extend
another truth: we are living
and in life, there are friends;
there are lovers and wonders
cows, marvels and ghosts
the moment of standing
on a yellow sea coast
to cry or to laugh
that you are alive
that the waters are old
that one day you will die.
Somehow they became
more than sum of their griefs
more than sum of their seeing
a lot of strange things
more than sum of their species
more than sum of their parts
less than sum of all beings
less than sum of time’s start
more or less
exactly who
they had potential to be
seven years
changed their lives
all this Kalyqo could see.
Before words could be spoken
before formalities could freeze
Kalyqo presented
five small lemon trees
planted by SeplH’ne
seven years ago
on tlhIngan soil
for her lover
the new voDleH
this same Kalyqo.
Captain Kirk understood
Commander Spock stepped forward
held ta’al
“I grieve with thee.”
Kalyqo looked up
said in clear voice ringing
“You once told my lover
you came to start again
to build new beginnings
to find common ground to stand.
I now say your words
as a vow back to you:
if death must be that common ground
I will tread softly too.”
Jim replied
“In the name of she who lived and guarded
every life and planted lemon trees
let things said here have proper weight
and face each other openly.”
And so began the first meeting
between Federation and tlhIngan kind
there was a feast and challenges
to games of wrestling, running, archery, and mind
the Enterprise and Qo’NoS both put forth
their best and brightest in spirit of good sport
thus easing tensions and proving to both worlds
that life thrives in diversity unfurled.
The greatest sight of all to them was when
Kalyqo brought the bow of SeplH’ne
her love had won her heart and soul the night
SeplH’ne strung bow, and shot the arrow clean
through head of twelve axes aligned in perfect row
and now Kalyqo strung bow for all to see
shot arrow through twenty axeheads for each
year she lost at war, imprisoned, sea.
The meeting brought no signings of treaties
they had no negotiations about space
they didn’t speak of war, technology
that hard work would come after, first they found
a point of commonality, meeting place
to stand beside each other without fear.
This is why we remember the Enterprise
they risked their all on small, evaporating chance
to realize a peace between peoples
to end cold war and constant armament
they spoke and listened, and thlIngan saw honor
within their souls, their beings burning bright
now we have peace, and friendship there besides
the freedom to explore our own starlight.
After the feasts, the games, the ceremony
the stories flowed like wine
and so we sing.

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