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Fic: Star Trek, The Odyssey

Title: Star Trek, The Odyssey
Author: jAnon
Pairings: K/S
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I have not profited monetarily from this venture,  nor do I claim original ownership of the characters and setting.
Summary: "Tell me, Muse, of the ship of many ways, which was driven to far journeys."
Warning: This fic mentions/deals with (but no graphic depictions of) subjects such as rape, suicide, slavery, incest, cannibalism, and torture.  Please highlight to read the warnings posted at the beginning of each section.
Notes: Takes place after Star Trek Into Darkness.

Many thanks to secret_chord25 for taking on this project to beta.

I've arranged the timestamps on these entries such that if you simply click LJ's "Next Entry" button, it will take you to the next chapter. You don't have to keep clicking back and forth to this main page.  If there any any typos/errors, please let me know and I will fix them.

For mazaher

The Odyssey


i. muse
ii. cows
iii. lotus
iv. cyclopes
v. wind
vi. giants
vii. aiaia
viii. moly
ix. circe
x. barley
xi. rams
xii. pits

xiii. begin
xiv. discuss
xv. action
xvi. persephone
xvii. nkishi
xviii. orion
xix. kolokol
xx. tityos
xxi. clouds
xxii. tantalos
xxiii. meg glasch tel
xxiv. sisyphos
xxv. tamara
xxvi. penelope
xxvii. roses
xxviii. epikaste
xxix. daedalus
xxx. klytaimestra
xxxi. joanna
xxxii. kore
xxxiii. leave
xxxiv. ship
xxxv. live
xxxvi. die

xxxvii. sirens
xxxviii. monsters
xxxix. calves
xl. hunger
xli. odysseus
xlii. the man trap
xliii. kalypso
xliv. perestroika
xlv. glasnost
xlvi. cloth
xlvii. oath
xlviii. muse

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