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Fic: Observations BOOK LINKS


It's been about a year since I finished writing Observations.  I don't know if people are interested, but I thought I might make this available:

Binding: Perfect-bound paperback
Interior ink: Black & white
Dimensions: 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall
Shipping: Only ships from North America

Part 1: Ch 1 - Ch 114
Pages: 441
Price: $9.12

Part 2: Ch 115 - Ch 262
Pages: 611
Price: $11.67

1.  I've posted the URLs because the books are only available via direct access-- they aren't available on the general marketplace and they aren't searchable.  PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THESE URLs TO OTHER SITES. You can repost this entry, but don't distribute the addresses.

2.  I am not making any money from the printing of these books.  The prices listed are's rates for publishing the texts.  Sales tax and shipping fees are not included in the listings above.  If you don't believe me, you can use this calculator provided by with inputs [publisher grade, paperback, black & white, digest (5.5" x 8.5"), perfect binding, 441 or 611, 1, US Dollars ($)] to verify.

3.  Both books come with complete annotations (part of the reason for the length).  Annotations have been significantly modified-- some have been omitted and some added.

4.  I had to split Observations up into two books because has a 740 page limit.  I tried to make it a single book, but that would entail 8 pt font, maxed out margins, no annotations, no cover page, no table of contents, etc.  The decision to split at Ch 115 seemed logical to me in terms of Spock's development and future trajectory.  The other option was to split at Ch 167 but that feels awkward, for some reason.

5.  Covers are the Mandelbrot set fractal and the Lorenz attractor.

6.  The text has been proofread three times with the help of many others (thanks guys!).  Whatever mistakes/typos left are my fault-- I hope I caught everything, but I'm sure I didn't.

7.  I made these because personally, I wanted a physical copy.  It is emotionally significant to me.  I've posted it online in case someone else wanted a copy: that's all.  I'm not in financial straits, all the original versions and downloads will stay up online.

8.  I do have some misgivings about posting this-- it makes me nervous.  I reserve the right to take down this post and the pages at any time without prior notice.

Happy May.
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