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Star Trek
This double life I lead (we. we lead)
It's small.  Nothing so large as
Keeping state secrets, hiding from assassins
Burning papers, encryption, evidence.
Nothing so glamorous as that.
A double life large enough to contain
Whatever contradictions forced upon us
And any we decide to create.
Do you ever wonder how they kept sane
Before the internet, before
The massive proliferation of double lives?

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(Deleted comment)
right? I'm having all these theories pop into my head about the future of humankind's collective perception of personality.

(Deleted comment)
I--I'd love to hear what they had to say. If you're willing to share. I don't even consider talking about this stuff with my parents, etc. I've very much divorced this life from the one that I lead physically, and I need it to be that way.

We kept sane in exactly the same way.
Double lives were with us before the internet.
Now it is just much easier to share them,
and our secret identities,
those ever-changing faces,
which after childhood
used to be a secret --often a guilty secret--
can now reach out and touch someone
ten thousand miles away.
The internet is made of hands

This poem is beautiful. I have no proper response. Other than--

I want to take your memories and store them in glass jars
But I don't think you'd like that, so I'd open the jars
Into the air and watch the wisps evaporate into the sky

i think i kept notebooks under the mattress.

but yes. i wonder.

1) is it healthier, now that we can more fully express less socially acceptable pieces of ourselves with select groups that are welcoming to our specific idiosyncrasies?

2) or does it encourage a split, a divergence of self, where we're all pushing in a hundred different directions instead of consolidating into one strong identity?

I think on the whole it's healthier... but that's just because of my personal experience. In a lot of ways, I stored so many parts of myself on the internet, put them in safekeeping (storage, maybe) until it was safe to bring them out again. I think some people keep those parts on the internet, and then feel completely split, unable to function in either world.

yeah. i appreciate having the space to live certain parts of my life outloud online. but... i tend to compartmentalize everything anyway. i think it doesn't work as well for some people as it does for me. *shrug*

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