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Fic: Observations, Ch 48
Star Trek

We are stalemated.

Nine hours and forty seven minutes have passed since the captain took his major gamble. The Enterprise emerged with damage including a four disabled phasers, numerous circuit overloads, two fused motherboards, a shattered dilithium crystal, and some loss of hull integrity. There have been a few injured, mostly burns resulting from the plasma weapon.

After we emerged from warp on the other side of the Romulan vessel, the captain laid down a line of fire. Our telescopes and other sensors were able to track the vessel through the weapon’s energy signature. After the weapon ‘cooled down,’ we lost the ship’s signal. The captain speculates that the Romulan captain has turned off his engine and is waiting for us to move off. He estimates that they cannot use the weapon again, as they have scarcely enough fuel for the journey back to Romulus.

“These guys really really want to get back home. These are probably some really valuable intel missions. He’s gonna play the waiting game.”

The captain has implemented a similar strategy. He has disguised our energy signature by completely shutting off the gravity generators, lowering the remaining sector’s temperatures, and turning off the warp engines, with the exception of emergency warp. Most of our energy is currently devoted to running subtle sensor scans.

Nyota has been manning her station for 20 hours now. She refuses to go off shift. For the duration of our stalemate, she and the deputies have been sending noise-like signals to try and determine the location of the ship. They have only been able to verify that there exists an unidentified mass in that sector. The captain insists that she remain on the bridge.

“She’s the best we’ve got. The best all of Starfleet has, for that matter.”

Engineer Scott is attending to the engine room and making repairs on the phasers. Lt. Sulu and Lt. Chekov have been at the helm and navigation, respectively, for 20 hours. Dr. McCoy has been attending to a few patients in Sickbay. For the most part, he has remained on the bridge, standing close behind the captain. I have repaired the hologame program, refined the coding, and inputted the additional data the scientists have forwarded. Some of the data was able to fill in substantial gaps in the timeline.

The captain has been play and replaying the course of events up to the stalemate.

“Stop. Rewind,” he commands me. “Orient it with the Romulans at the origin, and our movements around it.”

He studies the playback and nods to himself, then frowns.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” he asks me.

I look at him.

“I would have done pretty much the same thing if I were him. Look at the risks he took at 0034 and then 0049. Aggressive, really big gambles that might’ve paid off and left us a bunch of space dust.”

“You are trying to anticipate his next move.”

“Maybe. Or maybe,” the captain looks sideways. The soft luminescence of the holovid stars paints his face in chiaroscuro. “I’ll make the first move.”

The captain turned back to study the projections. Dr. McCoy came and stood beside him.

“What’s up, Jim?” the doctor asks in undertone. “You’ve got that look on your face.”

“Nothing, Bones.”

“Bullshit,” the doctor said simply. He put his hand on the captain’s shoulder. “Something’s botherin’ ya.”

Jim looked up from his study and surveyed the bridge. His eyes lingered as they passed over each individual.

“This bridge. This ship,” he motioned to the space. “These guys’re waiting for me to do something, make the next move. Get us through this mess. Bones—“ he said, voice dropping lower. “what if I’m wrong?”

The doctor stared at the captain and was for a short time speechless. Then he gathered up his resolve.


“I didn’t really expect an answer, Bones.”

“Well, I’ve got one. Somethin’ I seldom say to a customer. Now I’m a doctor, not a scientist or an astronomer or a theoretician or a philosopher. But,” he nodded towards the projection field. In this galaxy, there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets.

Jim’s eyes blazed as he turned his attention to the pinpricks of light.

And in all the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us.” He looked directly at Jim. Dont destroy the one named Kirk.


“Lethal silence, commander. Still no sign. I say the supply ship has gone off, or we have annihilated it.”

“That is no supply vessel. It is their flagship, a Constitution class starship.”

“Then our victory is all the more glorious.”

“Silence. Do not crow before the sun rises. This Earth commander is not like the others. He is biding his time. He is still there, somewhere. I feel it.”

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damn, I'm really sorry for this comment.
I LOVE this fanfic - I started reading it the second I found out it was finished and I've been at it the whole day. It's so bloody insightful and geeky and detailed and oh the characterizations - pure gold!!!
If you're sensing a but, it's because it's coming right at ya. So... what's up with the tense changes in the middle of a chapter(s)??? I thought maybe in the previous one you were going for the real time effect but here it switched from present to past twice in the space of a few lines.
A tipo: playING and replaying.
Please, I know I'm horrible because I'm only commenting when something's started bothering me, so don't let me dampen your mood or anything. I'm only what? a third or so in but I gotta tell you this is one of the most accomplished fics I've ever read. Thank god you ship K/S and included the pairing or I never would have bothered with it and that would have been my monumental loss!
Thank you for writing and sharing with us and I hope my observation will prove only constructive if you ever undertake any editing. LL&P

this one of my favorites episodes, because we really see how intelligent and how good tactical mind Jim have!!!

and i really love the romulan too i hope he must not die, but we haven't more of choices no?

Since I didn't say it before... I love Bones' line here - “And in all the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us.” He looked directly at Jim. “Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.”

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