anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

My favorite monster book is...

My favorite monster book is Funky and Ronia.
A lot of monsters would sigh and look for the book
and a lot of female monster would be named Ronia.
If she were beautiful, the male monsters would say,
"You remind me of the story Funky and Ronia.
What is your name, beautiful one?"
Then the monster named Ronia would say,
"Why, my name is Ronia."
The male monster would say,
"I thought so, beautiful one."

I would be famous
and monsters would want my picture or autograph
and I would say,
"I'll make a lot of copies of Funky and Ronia."
They'd thank me
and I'd keep on making copies of Funky and Ronia
so no monster would not have the book Funky and Ronia.

The favorite book of all the monsters.
Tags: writing

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