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Funky and Ronia

Here is a monster named Funky.  He rules a planet called Crowded Saturn.  He is a monster president and he also jokes around.  He got to Crowded Saturn by a jet-moon.  The jet-moon's name is Funky's Met.  Funky is not married.  He is only 26.  He still lives with his sister named Misa, his twin brothers named Kimis and Missi, his parents he calls Limin and Sem, which means mommy-monster and poppy-monster.  He also lives with his grandma, he calls Moma, which means Old Lady in monster language.

One day, Funky heard there was going to be a visit from an evil monster named Side.  If they stayed on Crowded Saturn they would get caught.  Side and his gang, an army of evil monsters, would catch them and put them in a jet.  Side would send them to the planet called Earth.  Funky never went to Earth, but he could see it very well.  Funky's mommy and poppy told a true story about a monster who wanted to visit Earth and died because Earth was not like Outer Space.  So Funky never wanted to land on Earth, so if they landed on Earth they would die.  The Crowded Saturn monsters had to get to Ice Cube Pluto.

Side didn't like ice and cold places so much.  If he went to Ice Cube Pluto he would freeze to death and his pals would too.  How would they get to Ice Cube Pluto?  Funky and his people decided to travel by a met.

Funky only had 10,000 mets, and there are 10,010 monsters.  In each met there was only one seat!  Funky had to do something fast!  In fifty days Side was coming to take over Crowded Saturn.  It took two days build one met.  In twenty days all the mets would be ready to take off for Ice Cube Pluto.  They only had thirty days to get to Ice Cube Pluto.  Just the perfect number of days!  They'd be saved!

Funky began as fast as he could to get the mets ready.  His family helped too.  All the monsters asked Funky and Funky's family when they could leave.  Funky made an announcement to all the monsters.  All the monsters rushed to get ready to get out of Crowded Saturn.  Some monsters helped Funky and his family make the mets.  Monsters were packing their belongings.  Crowded Saturn turned into Rushing Saturn!

Finally, it was time to take off!  They headed to Ice Cube Pluto faster than they thought!  They got to Ice Cube Pluto before Side got to Crowded Saturn.

When Side got to Crowded Saturn, there was no food!  Side and his evil monsters would starve!  There was nothing on Crowded Saturn!  Side and his gang had evil powers to build things and find food.  They decided they would stay on Crowded Saturn.

On Ice Cube Pluto, Funky met a beautiful monster named Ronia.  Ronia was simply beautiful!  Funky loved Ronia.  Ronia wanted to marry Funky and she wanted to be rich like Funky.  Ronia asked Funky to marry her.  Funky said in monster language, "I have to ask my parents."

Funky asked his parents but they said, "No, Funky.  Remember the family rules."

Funky told Ronia and Ronia was sad, but Funky said that she could visit.  Ronia visited Funky a lot, and nobody could stop Funky and Ronia from meeting on the very place where their romance turned into love.

The End
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