anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

The Bride of Frankenstein invited me for supper and...

The Bride of Frankenstein invited me for supper
and she ate my brother's liver
and after she finished eating my brother's liver
she stared at me.
I tried to run away.

Then Frankenstein came back from his work
and I screamed so hard I almost screamed
my head off
and Frankenstein's
and Frankenstein's Bride's heads off!

Suddenly I got an idea!
The idea was to trip the Bride of Frankenstein.
I would run, but suddenly Frankenstein would grab me.
I would scream so loud that Frankenstein
would almost let me go.

I suddenly would wake up.
I'd notice that it was nightmare
because it would stop
because I woke from my sleep.

After that I would stay up all night and it would really happen!!!!!!!!!

I'd scream so loud that I'd wake up the whole family.
The Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein
would never come to life again.
Tags: writing

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