anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

If I found a skeleton in my closet I would...

If I found a skeleton in my closet I would try to get his head and put it in the museum.

If he would say, "Stop!" he might leave behind only one of his fingers.

The skeleton would be wondering if its finger ran away to my house
because my house was the only house whose closets he hadn't checked.

I would say, "Tell me how you lost your finger, skeleton."

The skeleton would tell me how he lost his finger.

I would understand him very well and I would think and think.
I would get an idea and I would say to the skeleton, "I have an idea!"

"Maybe if I get my dog, we can track down you lost finger and find where it went."

If the skeleton would say "But your dog likes bones."

Then I would say, "My dog likes dog biscuits, but not bones."
Then I would notice a movement.  I would open the closet

And I would see the skeleton's finger.  Then I would give it to him.

The End.
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