anon_j_anon (anon_j_anon) wrote,

If a bony hand was reaching for me and...

A bony hand was reaching for me
and a bony leg was reaching for me.
I would scream.

If my dad, mom, or my little sister saw me screaming
I would stop and say,
"I saw a skeleton in my room!  I'm getting out of here!
The house is haunted all over!"

If my mother said,
"What do you mean this house is haunted?"
Then I would take a breath and sigh.
I would take my family up to my room and then
I would vanish.

They would stop me from vanishing
because they couldn't see the bony hand
or the bony leg.
They hadn't looked in the closet!

They would lock me in my room
but no matter what, I would pack up
and move out of the house.

After a little while, they would wonder
what I was up to.  They would take
a little peek and
see a mess!
All they would see would be bones all over!
They would all scream!

I would pop out of one of the piles
with all my belongings.
They would pack up in a rush and say,
"We are ready to go!"

We would move to a new house
and all night
the skeletons would party because we moved.
Tags: writing

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