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I don't remember when or where (I think it was in Panopticon) but somewhere in this journal, I mentioned that as a child, I used to write tons of stories about monsters.  That was put to an end by my father, who punished me severely for writing.

I found my old monster stories the other day, "published" by the elementary school when I was in second grade.

In honor of Father's Day, I've decided to post them online.  All thirteen of them (isn't that an auspicious number).

Don't take them seriously.  Or if you want, you can try to read something into them, but I was seven/eight years old when I wrote these.  I'm not sure there's much to read into, they're so short and hilarious.  I will say that I think "Funky and Ronia" is my magnum opus of that year, and "My favorite monster book is..." is surprisingly meta.

I've made some changes for spelling and the arrangement of the words.  Otherwise, enjoy the works of my strange second grade self.
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