Woohoo! I'm incredibly impressed that you managed to post it all in one go. It gives me an excuse to re-read from the beginning. Yay, and thank you.

Thank you so much for moving your epic fic here. In return I faithfully swear to comment! :-)

squeee!! will you also be putting annotations up on lj? i haven't been able to find time to crack into it yet, i found observations on ff two nights ago and swallowed it up in hours, and then, you know, needed sleep and all. i think i previously avoided your pimpage on the kink meme simply because it was ff.net.

ok, so, proper feedback, since i didn't on ff: i really really really enjoy this. i think my favorite kind of fic format, since it's so rare, is the moments-in-the-life-of, where it's all-encompassing and continues beyond a couple of entries and builds a whole story instead of being a one-shot, and i really enjoyed being able to feel that all of their relationships take time, from kirk and spock's starfleet manual argument to, well, chapter 115, and even from mccoy's, "wait, you think he's xenophobic?" to spock seeing him as a nice guy to hang around with (though i wish i saw more from that aspect).

and also, THANK YOU for not making spock this lonely outcast after he breaks up with nyota and kirk is the only guy who talks to him in the entire ship, it is my main pet peeve with other fics. he's a genius surrounded by geniuses, of course he and chekov and scotty get together for math-jam sessions. it's logical.

and the relationship between spock and kirk is lovely and so ust-filled i thought i was going to tear my hair out when i saw just how many chapters there were and wondering when they were going to figure it out. i think my favorite bit so far though, is where spock's literally blind and mccoy says something along the lines of, "well, if that isn't the definition of irony." i think i like it because i got the joke and felt proud of myself, but hey, i was also getting really deep into sleep deprivation.

There will be more Bones & Spock outtakes soon. It's necessary, and the reason will be evident in the future. Everything from the 'City' arc to now has been extremely K/S centric, laying down a deeper foundation for their relationship. Now that's done, I can afford to focus a bit more on the crew. I personally also dislike it when a fiction focuses purely on K/S and puts the other crew as a sort of chorus, rather than characters in their own right. Writing from first person makes that hard to accomplish, because that implies that the narrator has an actual relationship with other characters. Thankfully, though the point of view is strict, the format is extremely flexible.

I'm glad you liked the format as well. I know that at times it's disjointed, but I hope that by the end, the internal structure of it is evident. When this piece is finished (...that day needs to be soon. This fiction is driving me crazy), I hope you reread from start to finish to see both the individual moments and its context in the larger continuum.

Thanks so much for your comment, and I will put annotations up... that's also a work in progress right now.

Woot! I've seen you post about this when it was on ff but i've been resisting it (for no reason other than i'm not keen on ff and at that point it was unfinished and I've had to make a new rule about not starting any more wips...)

Now off to read this monster - 115 chapters, whoa that's a lot!

Will return with an actual comment on the story - somewhere.

Sorry, but it's not finished, even after 115 chapters. I don't know how long it's going to be, but it's actually far from finished. I'm sorry if I've mislead you in any way...

But please don't let that prevent you from reading. I'd love to hear feedback, and I promise you that I will finish this story. It's something that I need to do-- I think the reason will be evident in the end. Just to you give you some more reassurances, I have everything carefully plotted and the ending already in mind.

Thank you for your comment.

I only discovered Observations about a week ago and at first I was a bit wary of reading it since it's such a massive WIP, but I'm really glad I was unable to resist the temptation because this story is EXTRAORDINARY. I just caught up with your last updates this week-end and I have loved every second I have spent reading this. I'm delighted that you decided to post the whole thing on lj too, since I tend to just lurk on ff.net (I mostly lurk on lj too, but this story is too good to not comment on!)

I really, really love the deliciously slow-building K/S as well as the character development more generally speaking, the careful plotting (especially your very clever TOS rewrites!) and just how intelligent your writing is all around. As much as I adore your take on K/S, the best thing about this fic is the way you're using actual science and maths in the story (I'm not sure I understand all of it, but it's still awesome!) and above all how you're constantly including reflections on and references to history, literature, art and linguistics. Also, the annotations! You have no idea how much I love the annotations!

Thanks for writing and sharing and putting it all up on lj!

Thank you! I hope I can keep the quality from flagging. Also, I'm very glad to hear that you enjoy the mathematics/science/history/literature/art/linguistics sections. For me, those are just as important as the the growing relationships between Spock and all the crewmembers of the Enterprise.

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up on 'Annotations,' but this monster fiction kind of takes up all my time. By the time I'm done writing chapters, I don't have that much energy to write annotations, at least not lately. If there's anything that's unclear, please comment on it and I'll add annotations.

You know what's awesome about being home with the flu and other nasty chest infections?

I get to cuddle up on my bed with soup, tea, a laptop and EPIC FIC.

This is amazing. Seriously - the slow progression of Spock's pov from "More Vulcan than Thou" to "I just got sexed up by Kirk." I adored how he goes from stiff, formal language to slyly humorous/affectionate/EMOTIONAL.

I was so mad I hit ch 115: I wanted more. You're brilliant and I can't wait to read the next bit.

...(I am sort of cringing). You're another one of those people who wishes this fiction would go on forever... it may as well, given the number of chapters I need to write to get to the end. But it will end, make no mistake about that. For various reasons, I really need to complete this, not write an infinite number of chapters.

In any case, thanks very much for commenting and I hope you feel better soon.

Wow. I just blitzed through this entire epic fic, and it is a veritable tour de force. There were so many moments when the power of your writing made my heart soar or drop, or brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh out loud, or made me pause and drift off into contemplation.

I love the snippets you draw into the story from everywhere (math and physics, Shakespeare and various poets, TOS and reboot nods, historical anecdotes). It gives such life to the characters and to the world. The repetition of themes and thoughts over chapters/time and their slow changes is a thing of exquisite beauty. Your love song to 21st century New York was breathtaking. I don't think I'll ever look at ginko trees the same way after this.

Really, there are so many things I love about this story, and the way you are telling it. Thank you for posting all this, and I highly anticipate more whenever you get around to it.

I am excited to have it all in one place, now I can read it and not feel I've missed a chapter! Thank you, I'll comment more later.

I just finished reading this over the course of the last few days, and I'm trying to think of something that would adequately express how much I enjoyed this. I don't have anything thoughtful to add, but there were several elements that I greatly appreciated.

First off, this fic makes me think a lot. It's really not a romantic story, although I think a lot of is about relationships, and how Spock is coming to define himself through these relationships. I like how everyone is maturing, and how Spock is changing himself. The characters don't feel static, but organic. It makes me think a lot about the reality that Spock lives in; and I appreciate all the annotations where you talk about where you're coming from, and what inspired certain elements. I don't understand Math and Science all that well, and Chekov makes my eyes glaze over, but I do appreciate the depth. This isn't an easy fic to read, and that's what makes it the more amazing. All of these elements you add, and make the reader think about, really give Spock (and the reader) a sense of time and place. I think a lot of fics (even the really great ones) skip over trying to anchor the reader in a world, as opposed to just making them feel connected with a character/pairing. Reading this, I feel immersed in the Trek Verse, and that's really awesome.

Second, I guess is the really slow build-up. I think a lot of moments would've been ruined if K/S had been together already - I'm thinking of the arc with "The City on the Edge of Forever" (which was amazing, by the way). It all feels like a natural progression, instead of something forced or acted on impulsively. I really enjoy the tension. Also, everyone seeing it but them made me smirk; and it was nice to see an accumulation of moments instead of one huge confession.

Third is probably all the side characters. I mean, I started reading the fic for K/S, but I love Chekov and Sulu. Oh - and I love Scotty/Uhura! It's nice to see that progress, too. Everyone hooks her up with Bones, but I always felt Scotty was more her type. I like seeing Chapel, and I like seeing Uhura and Spock have a deep and meaningful relationship. I'm not a big Nu!Uhura fan, but I like her in this story. It makes me understand why Spock loves her.

I also like guessing all the TOS episodes that show up, and the way you're customizing them. It's refreshing. Oh! - and the spurts of humor are fantastic, too. "Kirk-force" is hilarious. I like this sort-of inside joke about acknowledging how strangely lucky Kirk and his crew are, especially when you're trying to rationalize everything. It feels like a wink to the reader, and that's cool.

The only downside to it all is that I'm getting this dark, foreboding feeling; which is unusual in Trek fic. I mean, Jim made his last wishes known, and gave Spock his computer codes (and hey, there's "Tholian Web", yeah?) Spock seems due to freak out over the potential K/S; and with the way Jim is acting, I wouldn't blame Spock if he did. (Their first date with Jim debating was horrible. I kind of wanted to throck Jim in the head and go, "YOU MORON." I hope their dates go a little better from now on.) Also, the Equality Arc just seems rife with trouble. I'm trying to decide if I should stock up on tissues and just expect the worst to come. I get why it's happening, and I understand your reasoning, but it's depressing. But like I keep saying, it's written really well, so that means I'm just going to cry... really well?

Anyway, this is all wonderful. And I do enjoy all of this, and appreciate all the effort you put into it. Thanks for writing it and sharing, and I look forward to reading more.

(Oh, and sorry for writing a novel-length comment. I should've tried commenting on the chapters, yeah?)

I've finally finished reading through all 125 chapters (and I am greatly looking forward to more). The way you've written Jim is really painful--too thin, exercising obsessively, matured-beyond-his-years and vulnerable. I'm not really a K/S shipper, but I liked the slow-building romance. I think it was a nice touch to have Spock showing vestiges of sexual curiosity in the City arc; it made what comes later more understandable.

As for the homophobic finish, I admit that I find it a little out of sync with the rest of the fic. I mean, if you assume that Jim can't speak American English because the language has come so far in 300 years, then I'd be sorry (if not completely unsurprised) to see that homophobic attitudes remain so entrenched.

I loved the lines from the Book of Ruth; they seemed very appropriate. It would certainly be easier for Spock to articulate emotional impulses through the filter of quoted literature.

Thanks again for posting.

Ch 126-130 are already up. They make up Part 2 of the 'Equality' arc. Part 3 is in the works, and will address the issue of society at large. The out of sync aspect of the homophobic chapters was in part intentional, in part not. I wanted it to be jarring, but I think it came out stronger than I intended. I debated changing the chapter completely, but I've decided against it. I'm trying to use that effect, and hopefully in the context of the whole arc, things are more resolved.

Handling the sexual curiosity bits was tricky. I wrote them in and wasn't sure I'd use them, but I decided to go for it. This stage in their relationship is so confusing (for both of them) and hard to write. I hope I'm conveying as I envision it, though. And all of this will pay off-- I've thought a lot about how their relationship should proceed.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

Hi, I've been hearing a lot of good things about your story and I was curious if you had it posted at fanfiction.net or any of the efiction archives? Or if you had your story in a single file somewhere else?

Thank you for your time,

It's posted on ff.net, but I don't have it in a single file anywhere. I might post the entire file somewhere when it's completely finished.

My username on ff.net is jAnon.

I think you might be the first person whom I've encountered that prefers ff.net to LJ.

In any case, have fun reading. It's rather long.

This is an amazing story you have created.

Honestly what has impressed me most about this outstanding world you have created is both the subtlety and depth of your characterisation.
To tell you the truth you breathed a life into many of these characters I have not had the pleasure to experience before, you took them a step further and made them real. You gave these characters a kind of humanity...

Thank you for this outstanding read, its been an enjoyable last few days reading this in between work/commitments.
I did read that you have the project on hold for the moment while you contemplate where to take this. I hope you do decide to continue this.

All the best,

I found this during Thanksgiving and could not put it down. Finals have since prevented me from commenting, but... This is amazing. I cannot believe the depth you have pulled from these characters - characters who are already quite dynamic in their own right but have, I feel, been made even more so through your interpretation.

I cannot guess how taxing this is; though it is a labor of love (it has to be, you write so passionately), that probably does not diminish any sort of stress.

I agree with the comment above though: the story has no lagged. It is still amazing, even at the 130th chapter. I cannot wait for your next update. This is truly an accomplishment and simply wanted to express my appreciation, awe and thanks.


Best characterization of Spock that I've ever read. 130 chapters and I still find myself looking for more... Thank you for this.

(Deleted comment)
Wow. Thanks for both comments. And thanks for the offer to edit--I really appreciate it, but someone's already doing that. They sent me a huge file of typos I missed the first time... I haven't corrected the chapters yet, because going over 210K words is kind of daunting. Writing everything is fine. It's going over it again with a fine tooth comb that gets to me (though I do reread and revise before I post things. Ch 129 went through three drafts before I decided it was post worthy).

I'm glad you love the science. One of the goals I had in writing this fic was not only to make the science believable, but make it interesting, comprehensible, and maybe inspire people to learn a little more about it. I love science and mathematics, and the fact that few people seem to see the beauty of it (particularly in maths) has always upset me.

Anyway, thanks very much. I hope to be posting a slew of chapters soon.

(Deleted comment)

i also posted this on ff, but i just wanted to make sure you know of my happiness

and utter excitement when you updated your profile with a progress report. lets just say it was a good thing no one was there to witness my near epileptic fits of joy.

here it is:

I don't think you understand how abso**inglutely AMAZING! this story is.

Let me say this again.

Words can't describe... augh!

This is really just...

I'm speechless.


I couldn't stop reading this.

Your characterizations are amazing!! I LOVE the dialogue. (Seriously, that's one of the things that so many people can't do, but it actually is the best thing ever. The dialogue is funny, witty, in character, is so deep and introspective and I think I've learned so many life lessons here and things make so much sense... I'm rambling. ahem.) The actions and plot are superb! I love the alterations you have made to the original series. The references to the mathematics! physics! equations! You never skimped out on details. I love your K-force theory, it was hilarious. I love how you flesh out the other characters not just Jim and Spock. The storyline is just amazing and I love the character development and the changes that were so subtle in each character that I actually felt them grow. Did I mention how I LOVE the dialogues that you have going??

You have seriously changed my life reading this fic.

I am amazed and in awe and sque!sohappyOMGtherewere130chaptersofheavenican'twaitformoreOMGOMG!
so happy about life right now.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the joy and pleasure of reading this masterpiece.

I very rarely comment on fanfic, mostly because I never know what to say other than "I loved it" and it seems too simple to me...
But I just finished reading the first 130 chapters and I wanted to say that I did love it, every word of it. I love your Spock and Kirk, I love the progression, I adore your notes, and the first kiss was the most beautiful kissing scene I have read so far in any fandom. Thank you, I'll go read the rest now...

It seems so pretentious to say something along the lines of "This changes my life", but right now, that's exactly how I feel. Changed. Thank you for that, thank you so much!

I can't bring myself to feel bad about neglecting everything else for the time I was reading this, even though I probably should. I just couldn't stop reading. And still, I rushed through all chapters too fast. It's overwhelming, really. I can't even write a coherent comment.

I will definitely reserve a day or two during my semester break to sit down and read this again, absorbing every word of it and leave a comment to chapters that particularly moved me.

Thank you, again. You are truly amazing.

Over the course of two days, I've read this amazing work of yours.
It is, quite honestly, the most beautiful fanfiction I've ever read. It might be one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, ever.

The slow build-up, the characterization of everyone being in-depth and spot on. The way you seamlessly narrated in Spock's voice so well. The detail. The facts.
Every one of these things just utterly blended and made this so amazingly enjoyable and addicting.

This is the type of piece that I wish would never end, and yet I am desperate to know the conclusion.

I am eagerly awaiting for your next update.

So great, so awesome, so incredible.

Someone linked this from a Pinto post mentioning the feeling invoked by your City on the Edge of Forever arc as being similar to that upon seeing Quinto and Pine spending time in Central Park together.

I promptly lost 3 days of my life to this story and I have no regrets.

I don't agree with all your narrative choices or characterizations, but it has been one hellova ride regardless. Keep up the good work? Oh, and I'm adding another voice to the chorus of "Would love to see this in ebook format/single doc file". ^_^

oh, bless you. i read up through ch 167 a month or so ago, and loved it so much. and now, just when i am sick in bed and am fresh out of good fic to read, you post a humongous update!
i am starting again from the beginning. *rubs hands gleefully*
thank you thank you thank you!

EEEP! It's finished! And I don't have time to reeeeead!

...So, now you rewrite the whole thing from Jim's point of view. Yeah? YEAH??


Okay, I know that would never happen, but damn, that'd be the best thing ever. Seriously. (I feel like such a lurker, having never commented on this wonderful basket of...wonder...and joy... hell, I don't know, this fic is amazing.) Sometimes I'd read the comments people left on the sections, and they'd be like "I'M CRYING SO SAD" and then I'd feel emotionally challenged, having just sat there and read it, and not had a religious experience. Or something. (Although, the second-to-last chapter, where everyone's getting split up, had me pretty close.) And I almost cried with laughter through the Trouble With Tribbles arc. YOU ROCK, DUDE, AND I'LL SHUT UP NOW SO I DON'T EMBARRASS MYSELF.


Seriously, though. Everyone has their way of reading, everyone feels things differently (you're not emotionally challenged), and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

As for writing from Jim's point of view... why don't you do that? :D


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